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Get the Solar Energy Facts to Make the Best Decision for Your Pocket Book

People are searching for ways to lower their carbon food print, lower the energy bills and have a reliable energy source. They need solar energy facts. A lot is being written about the features that these new devices bring. Community and governmental initiatives are popping up everywhere to welcome and encourage the use of power from the sun.

In the coming articles and through this blog we hope to address a few of the interesting opportunities arising right now for using solar energy to power and heat homes, and to reduce energy bills too. We will look at the ways to compare and measure, as well as review the various devices and products available to create solar energy homes. We want sort out, to the best of our ability what’s hype and misinformation from the solid solar energy facts.

Here are a few facts about solar power to get started:

  • Solar energy is generally cleaner than using fossil fuels (take the manufacture and transportation into account!)
  • Solar energy can produce electricity and hot water for heating and cooking.
  • Already many appliances run on solar power (e.g. calulators), pools are heated and even cars are powered.
  • Solar panels can produce enough power even in cloudy climates under the right circumstances
  • Solar power cost can be less than using fossil fuels

Many people shy away from considering green solutions, especially solar. They don’t have the solar energy facts. A week ago I had the opportunity to talk with a young graduate mechanical engineer looking for employment in the “green manufacturing industry.” He was experiencing a tight market, as many people are to day.  His expressed his doubts about the viability of alternative energy. He believes that “alternative energy produces a twenty year or more pay back on investment” and while he wanted to work in this industry, he also believes “no one in the right mind would invest in these things!”

While we disagree with this blanket (wet blanket) statement. It’s important to weigh the economics of your the decision to invest in alternative energy solutions. The fact is, the financial advisability of going solar (or any other type of alternativepower source) depends heavily on many variables such as current home energy efficiency, location and the type of equipment used to name a few.

When deciding on solar energy, knowing what your goals are is important. How much are you able to invest in changing your source of energy, how much of a reduction in energy costs are you looking for? Solar energy is not for every home, location or situation.

The building design will influence the effectiveness of any alternative energy technology. Before taking the leap to install solar energy panels, there are steps to take to improve the energy efficiency of a building that give a high return on investment. Many of these steps even pay for themselves in less than a year.

Some investments in solar technology can take years to see a return or substantial savings. And some are actually more expensive and can even have a larger carbon foot print than using tradition fossil fuels!

Be careful. Get your Solar Energy Facts before you make the decision to go solar. Get the right system for your home,your goals and your pocket book.